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General Discussion

  • Carlos


    Favourite Song:
    General Discussion
    Hello from Québec Canada!

    Is there another way to buy your two albums \\\"Silhouette moon\\\" and \\\"White clouds\\\" other then from your site? It\\\'s look like it\\\'s sold out...!!!
    Great great music, bring me back in the 70\\\'s!
    Congradulations gang!
  • Cédric


    Favourite Song: Stars Of May
    General Discussion
    Hello my dears,
    More than one year ago, I had the chance to discover your music, and what a wonderful one! I don\\\'t know how I can tell you all the love I feel for it at each time I listen to your CDs but I think I never had a link so intimate, strong and lasting with any other artists. I don\\\'t know how many times I listened to \\\'White Clouds\\\', this album is the reflect of Perfection, my favourite one through Space and Time, and maybe beyond! Thanks so much for all that, hope you\\\'re still creative and can\\\'t wait for some new music! I love you.
    All the Best from France,
  • Andrey


    Favourite Song: Dreams Presage
    General Discussion
    Dear friends,
    I sent 11,04 gbp 08.08.2017 for `White clouds` CD. Please write me about dispatching.

    Best wishes from Moscow,
  • Eduardo


    Favourite Song: The Morning Fields Of Amber Grey
    General Discussion
    Hello Guys
    I write this lines from Chile.
    Congratulation for your music. I start to listen recently and was a great surprise to me.
    I will waiting when you coming to my country.
    Sorry for my english....
  • Guest444


    Favourite Song: The Morning Fields Of Amber Grey
    General Discussion
    Any chance of an upcoming tour?